Alexa’s MRI

Not the best news on Alexa today. The spots on her brain have grown enough to warrant concern. There was also evidence of significant swelling and scarring in the area from where the previous tumor was removed and radiated. The oncology team at Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC will study and confer and next Tuesday are supposed to tell us more about the situation and how they would like to proceed.

That said they are amazed at how well Alexa is doing and how little effect everything seems to have had on her life and function so far. She is considered to be something of a little miracle girl.


Donna and I, having moved to the southwest corner of KS where I was called to serve the saints at Christ Lutheran Church-Elkhart and Faith Lutheran Church-Hugoton this past February, were blessed to be able to visit and have our Little Sweetie and her little brother, Kaden, spend the week with us while on vacation in Utah last month.

Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus!

And to you for your love and prayers.



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