New Addition, New Job, & New Hair

We found out yesterday that Bumpa’s Little Sweetie is going to be Big Sister to Bumpa’s Little Slugger. :^)

Daddy Kevin couldn’t get off of work to make the doctor’s visit with them, but he is certainly one happy dude. After almost a year of unemployment, even not getting off of work is a blessing.

Oh, and how about Alexa’s beautiful hair?

Thanks be to God for Alexa’s continued progress, Kevin’s new job, the newest Hering, and the new life we all have in common thorugh our Baptism inot the death and resurrection of jesus, the Christ!


4 Responses to New Addition, New Job, & New Hair

  1. sharon price says:

    Praise God for his goodness and answered prayers! Alexa’s hair is beautiful! So happy to know she is continuing to do well. Congratulations on you all being blessed with another grandchild also.
    May God continue to bless you and your precious family..

  2. Judy Bloor says:

    Wonderful news all around! So great to wake up to good news on Bumpa’s Little Sweetheart and the growing family and Kevin’s new job. Her hair has grown in so nicely! What a sweetheart she is for sure! Wishing you many more blessings and protection for your little girl and the new baby.

    Charley will be 3 years out in July and has his next MRI end of May. After his Sept brain and spine scan he will be able to go 6 mths between scans!

    With positive thoughts and prayers,
    Judy Bloor

  3. Joyce Price says:

    Yea!! Congratulations all around to the whole Hering Family–glad to hear so much good news!! I’m sure Alexa will love being a big sister! With much love and many hugs…Joyce and the Price Gang

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