Sad Face/Great News

September 2010 MRI


Bumpa’s Little Sweetie got an all clear in today’s MRI, and the post surgery fluid has dissipated.
Next one in four months.
Thanks be to God!

5 Responses to Sad Face/Great News

  1. Judy Bloor says:

    Oh, YEAH!!!!! The best news I have had in a while! Wishing Bumpa’s Little Sweetie only clean scans in the future.

    Fellow ependy-parent,
    Judy Bloor

  2. pastorhering says:

    Thank you, Judy. How is everything with you and yours?

  3. Raggedy Lamb says:

    Praise God that she’s healing so fine. Lovely pout, too, but don’t tell her I said that. 😉

  4. Oh, she’s working it! What was she after? 😉 Heaven help us if she and the Diva ever get together.

    Praise God that she had such a good MRI and that the fluid is gone. I’ve been thinking about her so much.

  5. pastorhering says:

    The fluid is not completely gone, but has decreased.

    And, yes, she does know how to work it already. But that’s what women do, right?

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