Love, Kisses, & More Hair

Love & Kisses from Alexa

This kiss was specifically for Great Grandpa & Grandma Hering in Sheboygan. But I am sure they would not mind sharing it with all you caring folk who have sent so much love her way and so many prayers to God’s throne of mercy.

Thanks to you and the Great Physician, Jesus Christ our Savior & Lord.

4 Responses to Love, Kisses, & More Hair

  1. What a precious little face! Give her kisses for us.

  2. sharon price says:

    Beautiful, precious little face…. Tell her I love her new hair style !!! I have the same hairstyle, (finally).. I bet she’s as excited over hers as I am mine.ha.ha. Please tell her I send my Love and prayers.

  3. Sandy Stier says:

    Those eyes just grab at the heart!! Alexa, you are a blessing to so many! Share a whole bunch of hugs with your mom & dad, & bumpa & bumma, and uncle Luke from us!! You are all in our prayers!!

  4. Bumpa says:

    Oh you can be sure, she does a stellar job of that, Sandy!

    Thank you kindly.

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