Today’s Follow-up MRI

Alexa homebound after last radiation treatment

Good afternoon everybody!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything about my Little Sweetie. Quite frankly, I simply became overwhelmed by it all and had to stay away from the constant reminders. Please forgive me, as I know and truly appreciate your loving concern, desire for information, and faithful prayers for Alexa and her family.

Today Alexa went in for her first follow-up MRI. As I recall it was originally scheduled for June 1, and moved back to June 21 as the 3 month point after last radiation treatment. Then, because of some concerns we had with Alexa’s sleeping problems and use of her right arm, we had it moved up to today.  Further complicating things is our planned vacation to Wisconsin and Alexa’s Daddy having to take a temporary job opportunity for a couple of weeks in Vancouver due to losing his job here.

As far as the MRI results, they scanned both her cranial and spinal areas. There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that there is no cancer!

The bad news is that there is some accumulation of blood or other fluid. We are waiting to hear what coarse of action will be recommended.

I know I have promised you pics and vids from the treatments and her Make-a-Wish Disney World adventure. Please be patient as we are planning to head out on vacation next week and I am still have trouble processing everything myself.

Thank you again, one and all. The Lord bless and keep you always.

In Christ Jesus,
Bumpa Pastor Hering


6 Responses to Today’s Follow-up MRI

  1. sharon price says:

    Thanks so much for the update on Alexa.She is such a beautiful little girl. I am so sorry that you all are having to face this situation. But I want you to know, she is in our prayers everyday, here in Ohio as well, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, God has her in the palm of His hand. No safer place to be, huh?
    God bless you all.

    In His Service,
    Sharon Price

  2. Sandy Stier says:

    Miss Alexa still is my wallpaper on my computer as she has been since the day you first notified everyone of her illness. She has been in our thoughts and prayers everyday along with her WHOLE family. Lots of hugs of strength are coming to you all. Keep the faith!!!!

  3. Judy Bloor says:

    Hi there! I posted before offering words of encouragement about my son Charley who had the same diagnosis and treatment. Well, I have more words of encouragement to offer. The background: My son had an extensive subdural hematoma(build up of fluid/blood in the layers between the brain and skull) develop post-surgery/treatment that covered the right hemisphere and which took 9 months to begin to resolve. He also had fluid build up in the tumour bed area. The good news is that he did not require any treatment to deal with this…his body took care of it in time and he is now doing fabulously with just some thickening of the dural layer. His tumour bed is now gone, as his brain has bedcompressed and filled in that space. He is doing fabulously, a normal healthy almost 3 year old and will be a 2 yr survivor with only clean scans next month. I understand how overwhelmed you are right now. To be honest, coming off treatment was the hardest part for me. The part that was all spelled out for you is over, and transitioning back to ‘normal life’ is really, really hard when you have so many unknowns swimming around in your head. For us, we have been off treatment now for 19 months, and life is good. Charley is healthy, enjoying life and one of the strongest, funniest, smartest little guys I have ever met. He has inspired us all to keep in the forefront always what really matters…time with our loved ones, doing our best each day to make things better for others and enjoying the journey each step of the way. Things will get easier (although I am still mastering MRI scanxiety).

    My love and prayers are with your little beauty, a full-fledged warrior in her own right.

    Judy Bloor
    m/o Charley, now 34 mths, dx at 11 mths with gr 3 anaplastic ependymoma, GTR, IMRT radiation, cleans scans since

  4. Melissa Garn says:

    That is wonderful news! I mean, it’s not all good, but it’s a start hopefully, right? Praying for you all! 🙂

  5. Beth says:

    I’m so happy that the cancer is gone! I’m praying that the other “stuff” is cleared up soon (no pun intended). She’s a real little trooper.

  6. pastorhering says:

    Oh, it’s all as good as it could be today, Melisssa.

    We’ll trust tomorrow to God.

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