Rough Days Ahead

Looks like the radiation treatments are catching up on my Little Sweetie. Alexa has lost her appetite again, is experiencing chronic nausea, and is losing weight as well as quite a bit more hair–more even than in this photo from last Friday, February 26.

With two weeks still to go, pray our Lord’s comfort and strength for His dear little one.

Keep a look-out here for some pics and vids from the past couple weeks.

Appreciatively yours in the love of Christ,
Pastor Hering (Kurt)


3 Responses to Rough Days Ahead

  1. sharon price says:

    So sorry to read that Alexa has developed a set-back. There’s a battle going on right now, but I know God has the answers. I wake up all hours of the night, due to the effects of the Chemo I am having to take. But each time I wake up, I begin praying for my family and friends, and I want you to know I always call out precious Alexa’s name before the Lord. I’ve seen many miracles in my life, and I truly believe that Alexa is going to be another miracle that we will be talking about for years to come…

  2. pastorhering says:

    Thank you so much, Sharon. You are a dear friend of our family and sister in Christ.

    The Lord and His holy angels surround and lift you up as well.

  3. Raggedy Lamb says:

    So much for such a little one to go through. Thank you for letting me share in the prayers, Pastor. How good it was that Jesus taught us how to pray, and that the Spirit interprets our sighs and groaning. Lord have mercy on dear Alexa.


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