Halfway Home

Alexa is now halfway through her radiation treatments

She suffered a slight, self-inflicted setback yesterday (Thursday, Feb. 25) when she tore her Broviac tube. They had to take her to Primary Childrens to have that replaced, which meant no radiation treament for the day since it is at a different site–LDS Hospital.

So that will take her over another weekend. Instead of finishing on Friday, March 19, her last treament is now scheduled, and hoped to be Monday, March 22–three days before her daddy’s 22nd birthday.

The good news was that they were able to repair it externally by splicing a new length of tube to the old–a much easier and safer procedure than replacing the whole thing.

Thanks be to God!

P.S. I keep meaning to get some more pics and vids up. Please forgive my laxity. Keep an eye peeled for them here.


2 Responses to Halfway Home

  1. sharon price says:

    Thank God for watching over her. Good news to read they were able to repair the tube instead of having to replace it. What would we do without God’s mercies and love? Blessings to beautiful Alexa and the entire family!

  2. Sandy Stier says:

    What a beautiful family!!!! That little girl is quite the fighter and a normal 2 year old all at the same time. May God continue to bless the Herings!!

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