God Is Good

Bumpa’s Little Sweetie came for a visit and lunch at The Olive Garden today.

Alexa was quite cheerful, talkative, and active today.

She’s eating pretty normal again, too. Had pizza yesterday. Ordered Mac & Cheese for lunch, but ate salad and Bumma’s spaghetti instead.

She is losing a little hair though.


4 Responses to God Is Good

  1. sharon price says:

    Oh my, what a BEAUTIFUL child ! So happy to know she is able to eat well…..She looks great !

  2. A book is on the way for Alexa. I think she’ll understand it. She is adorable, gorgeous and what a family.

    His Blessing are with you always.

  3. pastorhering says:

    Thank you Sharon & Addie.

    God’s blessings indeed overflow. You two, and all those who have been so kind through this all are further proof.

  4. She looks like she’s holding up well. She’s precious. I think of her often.

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