Thursday’s Child

Not the best of days for pictures. They will have to wait.

So here’s an oldie from the hospital on a happier day–though you wouldn’t know it from Alexa’s expression. :^)

MRI this morning went as planned. Now we wait for the lab work from yesterday’s lumbar puncture and the oncologist to return from vacation on Monday. He will read the MRI and use it to map out the area for radiation. The results of the puncture will tell us if any treatment of the spinal column is indicated.

Alexa is back home, after a stop at Bumpa and Bumma’s. She is doing pretty well–conisdering what she has been throught he past two days, and the fact that she has a big hose hanging from her chest and running to her heart. IOW, cranky, but alert and active.

Thank you again to one and all for your care, concern, and contributions of prayer, funds, cards, goodies and sundries.

You truly are blessings from God to Alexa, her family, and each other.

Oh, and for those of you who have come to this late and want to catch up on all the info regarding Alexa and her situation, you will find just about everything there is to know at

The peace of the Lord be with you and yours.

Your servant in Christ the Crucified,
Bumpa Pastor Hering


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