Wednesday’s Procedures

Just got back from Children’s Primary Medical Center in SLC. Today’s procedures did not begin until 4:30 this afternoon. All went well without complication.

Rather than a PICC line, they inserted a Broviac Tunneled Central Venous Catheter–a variation of the Hickman line pictured.

We left Alexa in recovery where whe was awake and doing a number on her second slushy after going without any food since 7:45 this morning.

Sorry, I forgot to take pics this time. Doh! Mea culpa! And all that.

Kevin and Ciara wil be dropping her off at our house while they pop out to get something to eat and talk about their plans for tomorrow morning’s MRI. So maybe I’ll get some pictures then.

One more thing. It looks as if there will be a lot more uncovered expenses than first anticipated. Kevin and Ciara already have a bill of over $30K not covered by Blue Cross.

That’s it for now. Gotta go work out and head home to see my Little Sweetie.


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