Tough Days Ahead

Tomorrow will be a tough day for Alexa. Late Wednesday afternoon she will be having a PICC line inserted and then a spinal tap to check her fluid for cancer cells.<a

Then, early Thursday morning, they will do the planning MRI the oncologist will use to map the area to be treated with radiation therapy.

It looks like the radiation therapy will begin on Monday, February 1. Treatments will be every weekday over the course of 6.5 weeks for a total of 33 treatments.

Our Father in heaven, we pray:
You give Alexa comfort, strength, and faith for this ordeal;
Alexa will be restored to health through the ministration of Your earthly gifts by the people in our medical community;
Your will be done for Your dear child Alexa and all who witness the grace, mercy, and peace of Your love throughout her travails;
through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God now and forever. Amen.


2 Responses to Tough Days Ahead

  1. Judy Bloor says:

    Praying for everything to go smoothly tomorrow. My Charley had a PICC line too and it was a God send and made the daily anaesthetic so much easier. We had no problems with it at all. We kept Charley in long sleeve shirts so he wouldn’t mess with it at all, and the dressing changes were done while he was under anaesthetic so we only needed to do the heparin locks on it on weekends (with a home-care nurse). Hoping Alexa adjusts to it as well as Charley did, and praying for the weeks ahead – that every single bad cell with be eradicated and Alexa will handle it like a champ like Charley. I remember well how overwhelming it all is…you will get through it, and will find on the other end that you have a deeper appreciation for the honour of being a parent, for the wonder of our children, for how a community of friends and family can pull together to make a difficult journey a little easier.

    Praying for a cure,
    Judy Bloor

  2. Kathy Schulz says:

    Pr. Hering,
    Please know that we have added Alexa to our prayer list, along with a dear friend who has NK T-cell lymphoma and is now in his 2nd week of radiation, 4 more to go. He’s been through 6-3week sessions of chemo already. Granted, he’s an adult, but needs prayers like Alexa. I have asked him to remember Alexa when he goes for his treatments. May God’s will be done.
    In Christ,

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