Information on the Tumor

The pathology is in and the diagnosis is the tumor is an “anaplastic ependymoma.” I’ll let all y’all do your own research as you are inclined.

Further tests are indicated to further define and determine extent, as there are a number of variations.

Daily radiation on the area from which the tumor was removed will commence in about two weeks at LDS Hospital in SLC–33 treatments over the course of 6 weeks, weekends off. They will be at 7:30 am. They allow 7-10 days for recovery from surgery. Then they have to do a planning MRI.

Current research indicates 75% of those treated with the protocol being used for Alexa have no recurrence.

The radiation oncologist is encouraged by her progress already and thinks the onset probably was in the neighborhood of 6 months.

So more roller coaster, good news/bad news for the forseeable future.Most likely long term effects involve intellectual function (low end of average), and if pituitary gland is in the field of treatment, some growth issues.

The dear little soul had a cheery good bye for the oncologist when he left. She remains a very polite and comical young lady.

As far as Bumpa Pastor is concerned, Alexa is in the best place she could possibly be–with her Lord Jesus and dear Father in heaven via Baptism, and the best medical people here in SLC. The LDS righteously relentless pursuit of perfection and success hold a certain value for us all. :^)


8 Responses to Information on the Tumor

  1. Ginger Schneidewend says:

    Seeing all the pictures and reading all about her diagnosis brings back a lot of feelings from three years ago when they found the brain tumor in Davids Brain he had Meduloblastoma and went through months of radiation and chemo.. Just dont give up on God and all the doctors up their at PCMC. They truly are some of the best, and the oncology department up there is terriffic. Let me know if you need anything, everyone up at PCMC becomes a big family over time.

  2. Raggedy Lamb says:

    Have you bookmarked and will check in now and then. Alexa and family will be in my daily prayers.

  3. Holly Meader says:

    Pastor Hering and Family,

    I have been reading the information that has been sent via email. Alexa and all of you are in our prayers and have been added to our extensive prayer lists.

    I rode the “cancer” roller coaster with my father four years ago. It is a roller coaster with many ups and downs, twists and turns, and filled with emotional overload to say the least.

    Alexa and all of you are wrapped in the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father who is with you – always! May your Faith be nothing but strengthened, May your Hope shine brightly, and May the Love that you share with each other and that the Lord has for all of you strengthen you as embark on this journey.

    God Bless You!

    Holly, Ashlyn, and Nicholas Meader

  4. Dear Kurt and family: I am sorry to hear of Alexa’s travails. May the Lord preserve her and her family safe through it. I am curious to know who her pastor is . . . I have been praying that the Lord will grant him special wisdom and grace to serve Alexa and all your family. You continue to be in my personal and in our congregation’s corporate prayers. The Lord be with you! /s/ Alan W. /s/ Concordia Lutheran Church – Sikeston, MO

  5. Bumpa says:

    Thank youfor the kind, sisterly words, Holly. ALways wondewrfultohear from you.

    Hi to Ste. Ashley and St. Nick.

  6. Bumpa says:

    Bumpa Pastor thanks you kindly, Brother Alan.

  7. Anna Belleson says:

    Dear Paster, Mrs. Hering, Alexa, and family,

    Thank you for sharing this site. From the pictures and video of Alexa, I can see she’s a very beautiful and very special little girl.

    I too have also been on a “cancer” journey. My father, 7 years ago. It was a very emotional and exhausting time. There were more downs than ups, but having loved ones around and faith in God made it manageable.

    My family will keep you all in our daily thoughts and prayers. Please let me know what your family needs.

    Anna Belleson
    (Drew’s mom)

  8. pastorhering says:

    Thanks, Anna.

    See you in the morning. :^)

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