The Rollercoaster Continues

The rollercoaster continues with he toughest news today.

The tumor was malignant. 50% chance of recurrence, 60% survival rate. What they mean by survival and time frame of survival I do not know at this time. Maybe more on that this aft.

They will do daily radiation for now and a spinal tap and other tests to see if it has migrated over the next few days.

She is having trouble keeping food and drink dwon right now, but otherwise Alexa just seems to chipper to be THAT sick.

That’s it for now. Gotta head down to tthe hospital.


2 Responses to The Rollercoaster Continues

  1. Chris & Melissa mummery says:

    We are very very sorry to hear about Alexa we will be praying for her and may god watch over her day and night and also bless her and heal her :3). We love you guys the mummery’s

  2. Bumpa says:

    Likewise, you guys.

    Hi to Mom & Dad, please.

    Sure would be nice to see you all at church some time. :^)

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